The research appraised the law enforcement duties and core functions of the Ghana Military Police in the Ghana Armed Forces. The research was conducted to find answers to the perceived perception that the mainstream military personnel have about the Ghana Military Police. Military Police (MP) have specific roles that include enforcing the laws, directives and regulations (Armed Forces Regulations) amongst Military forces, providing security to the Military forces in peacetime, conducting traffic control operations, arresting and detaining Military personnel and the conduct of investigations to collect and collate evidence for higher command. As a result of these roles, it is perceived by mainstream military personnel that so much power and authority have been vested in MPs to undertake their assigned law enforcement duties. The research sought to determine if there was any negative perception or “rivalry” held by the Mainstream GAF personnel against the MPs. The objective of the study was to assess the performance of the Ghana Military Police with respect to its roles of enforcing security and discipline in the Ghana Armed Forces during peacetime.  It was also to determine if any negative perception exists among the two variables. Hundred and Fifty (150) mainstream personnel of GAF and Fifty(50) personnel of the Ghana Military Police (GMP) were randomly sampled. The descriptive survey design was used to ascertain and analyse information from the mainstream Ghana Armed Forces personnel and the Ghana Military Police personnel. The analysis revealed that even though the Ghana Military Police (GMP) are effective in the discharge their duties of maintaining laws and discipline in the Ghana Armed Forces, the relationship between the Military Police (MP) and the Mainstream Ghana Armed Forces personnel is perceived by the Military Police as negative. The recommendation centred on training GAF and MP personnel to correct this negative perception. MPs and mainstream GAF personnel were of the view that more training and education on their roles was necessary.