This study set out with the main goal of examining the impact of current trend of terrorism on Nigeria’s national security. In doing so, the study had four objectives which include assessing the emerging security trends and national security issues in Nigeria; examining the impact of terrorism on Nigeria’s national security and reviewing the efforts of the government to resolve the crisis. Other objectives were to establish the implications of the emerging terrorism trend to Nigeria as a whole and the Armed Forces in particular, and to proffer recommendations to help the Nigerian Armed Forces win the fight against terrorism in Nigeria. This study made use of the qualitative method of analyses; reviewing literatures and analyzing data from open sources. The study identified that there were three major emerging threats to the Nigerian national security. These are the Niger Delta militants, the Boko Haram terrorism and the politico-religious divide of the country into Christians Versus Muslims and the North Versus the South. The study revealed that terrorism has impacted negatively on Nigeria’s national security in terms of social, economic, political, psychological and diplomatic spheres. The study also identified that the government has tried both political and military efforts to resolve the Boko Haram Terrorism crisis to no avail. The study further found that the military had a myriad of challenges which militated against their anti-terrorism fight Such challenges include poor funding, lack of equipment and weapons, inadequate counter terrorism training, poor morale of personnel at the fighting front. The study further discovered that the emerging terrorism trends had some implications for the military. Consequently, the study made several recommendations and proposals in line with the identified challenges and negative impacts of terrorism in Nigeria. The study proposes that the Nigerian armed Forces would require reviewing their recruitment process to ensure that persons with terrorism ideologies do not find their way into the military. The study also proposes that the military should be well resourced, motivated, trained and equipped to meet the demands of emerging trends of terrorism in Nigeria. The study further proposes that the Nigerian government should evolve a counter terrorism strategy to enable all stake holders to effectively combat terrorism. The study also proposes that the Nigerian government should consider launching a satellite that would be used for intelligence gathering. This could be done in conjunction with other sister African countries to share the cost and monitor common state boundaries and inaccessible forest for terrorist training camps.