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The Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College (GAFCSC) has launched the inaugural Multi-Domain Operations and Future Warfare module as part of its curriculum for Senior Command and Staff Course 45 on Monday 27 May 2024 at Teshie.

The module, which included weekend students from the Master of Science in Defence and International Politics programme(MDIP), as well as participants from other security agencies, aimed to introduce new concepts of warfare and modern military operations.

This two-week module was designed to enhance participants' understanding of Multi-Domain Operations and their importance in contemporary warfare. It also explored factors that contribute to stress in operational commanders, such as high-stakes decision-making, and discussed common psychological challenges faced by these commanders, including decision fatigue and moral injury.

In his welcome address, the Commandant of GAFCSC, Major General(Maj Gen) Matthew Essien, emphasized the module's focus on the complexities of Multi-Domain Operations. He highlighted the need to understand the synergies, keystones, and interdependencies among various domains and the importance of integrating them to achieve both operational and strategic objectives.

He revealed that the programme would offer participants the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration with peers dedicated to enhancing military capabilities in an increasingly volatile and interconnected world. He also underscored the critical role of media in the success or failure of modern warfare, noting its significant impact on public perception through battlefield reporting.

The Commandant encouraged all participants to approach the sessions with an open mind, a renewed sense of determination, a willingness to learn, and a readiness to challenge conventional wisdom and operational norms. The external participants included members from various security services and media houses.