A great university is made so by its faculty and staff, and GAFCSC is one of the best university colleges to work for in the country. We are known for engaging faculty and staff in all facets of the college to create a positive work environment that is vibrant and stimulating. We place a high priority on creating an environment that enables faculty and staff to do their best work. People are the heart of GAFCSC as we recognize that our staff is our most important asset for achieving and sustaining excellent teaching and research.

GAFCSC is a place of contrast as we attract faculty, staff, and students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Both military personnel and civilian staff co-exist harmoniously. We celebrate, recognize, and value the diversity of our workforce and students. Despite this diversity of experience and outlook, we are united by a culture that strives for excellence and shares institutional values that attract, develop, and retain talent. Being the only military university college in the country, we blend excellence with a modern work culture that thrives on diversity, teamwork, and innovation. At GAFCSC, the dignity of every individual is respected. We foster and nurture an environment of civility and mutual respect.

GAFCSC’s ability to attract, develop and retain people for the whole of their careers is a source of strength. We offer challenging and meaningful career choices to those who seek opportunities to grow and excel. Regardless of the role, we value the contribution of each member and nurture their professional development. We take pride in promoting professional and personal growth. All of our employees are highly valued regardless of their profession because we understand that a diverse workforce presents a variety of unique skill mix and together we can make a difference in Ghana and beyond.

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