Students of Senior Command and Staff Course 43 of the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College undertook a Regional and Environmental Study Tour (REST) of four selected regions in Ghana. Four groups of student study teams and accompanying staff visited the Ashanti, Ahafo, Northern, and Savannah regions from 13 – 20 November 2021. The tour aimed at researching the collaboration between Local Government and Traditional Authorities for the socio-economic development of the selected regions.

The REST 2021 was conducted under the theme “Traditional Leadership and the Local System of Governance: Optimising Progressive Co-Existence for the Socio-Economic Development of Ghana.” The study focused on assessing the utility of having both traditional and state authorities at the local level as well as evaluating the drivers for peaceful collaboration between the local governments for the socio-economic benefit of the citizenry. Furthermore, the study sought to identify unexplored areas in the relationship between local government and traditional authorities, appraise identified challenges, and propose possible paradigm shifts for sustainable development.





~ Story by Lt Col Asamoah (DDCA GAFCSC)