This study appraises the effect of globalization on the collective security in the ECOWAS sub region using qualitative research methodology. The purpose is to ascertain if globalization can be harnessed to enhance the collective security of ECOWAS. Accordingly, the study was guided by the core questions of how globalization affect collective security in ECOWAS and the nature of the relationship that exist between globalization and collective security in the context of ECOWAS. Also, the important issue of how globalization can be harnessed to enhance collective security was assessed. A combination of face-to-face interviews and questionnaire were administered to Fifty (50) respondents to obtain primary data for the study which was analysed using Statistical Program for Social Science version 2.0. Additionally, secondary data for the study was derived from reviewing relevant publications on the subject of the study. The study affirms that there is relationship between globalization and collective security in ECOWAS. It recommends that ECOWAS should pay critical attention to the application of ICT in collective security in the sub-region. Additionally, ECOWAS should strengthen its trade mechanisms to promote increased intra sub-regional trade and enforce good governance practices among members. It also recommends that ECOWAS should encourage members to implement security sector reforms, strengthen the early warning mechanism, ECOWARN, and enhance interoperability of sub-regional security agencies through regular, continuous, combined and joint training sessions.