Senior Division


The aim of the foundation phase is to begin the habit of developing a mind of understanding on Tri-Service and Multi-national basis and to provide the necessary baseline for the Single Components and Joint Studies Phases


Term 1 Highlights

  • Application of Force
  • International Study
  • Combat Power
  • Government of Ghana
  • Regional Study Tour
  • Command and Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Civil/Military Relations
  • International Law & Ethics
  • Strategy and Policy Study
  • Joint and Combined Doctrine
  • Intelligence
  • Training
  • Staff Duties & Service Writing


The Phase Aim is to develop the professional knowledge deemed necessary by the Army, Navy and Air Faculties for the careers of Army, Navy, Air Force Officers to enable them to take part in the Land, Maritime and Air Components of Joint Operations.

The Phase Endstate is to have developed the skills necessary to successfully plan and direct Land (Maritime/Air operations) and to contribute to the proper management of the Army (Navy/Air Force) in peacetime.

Term 2 – Highlights


  • Air Power – Air Operations
  • Campaign Planning/Estimate
  • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
  • Logistics Package
  • Exercise MOFIAMO


  • Sea Power – Maritime Operations.
  • Campaign Planning/Estimate.
  • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
  • Logistics Package.
  • Seminars – Target/Operations, Search and Rescue.
  • Exercise MOFIAMO.


  • Brigade & Div level Operations – All Arms Battle.
  • Tactical Estimate.
  • Logistics Package.
  • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
  • Tactical Exercise without troops .
  • Exercise MOFIAMO.

Term 3 – Joint Operations

Phase Aim:  Through the study of Joint, Combined, Multinational and Inter-Agency Operations and Defence Management as a whole, is aimed at developing a mind that is flexible and able to analyze and create a habit of working effectively and harmoniously in a Joint and Combined Environment.

The Phase Endstate is To have developed a mind that is flexible, able to analyse and understand complex issues and enable officers to work effectively with those from other Services and Nations.

Term 3 – Highlights

  • Alliances
  • International Relations
  • Joint Operational and Campaign Planning Course
  • Environmental Studies – Africa Tour
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Routine Staff Work
  • Defence Management Course
  • Conflict and Crises Management Course
  • Integrated Peace Support Operations Course
  • Realities of War
  • Exercise NKABOM